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Help us build technology to reforest the world!

Your donation will accelerate development of the Treetracker, ensuring that the pay-to-grow opportunity is available for those who need it most.

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At Greenstand, we believe that everyone should have sustainable employment options that do not harm the planet. We are making this a reality by expanding our Treetracker software stack and onboarding new reforestation projects constantly. Here are some of the ways Greenstand works to make sure that everyone is included in reforesting the world:

  • Our reforestation partners hire rural tree growers to plant, tend, and track trees with the Treetracker app. Greenstand verifies that their work has been completed and helps reforestation projects facilitate payments to their growers. This process is repeated on a regular basis, allowing tree growers to receive repeat, sustainable income for growing and monitoring trees.
  • When funds are available, we strive to hire from underserved talent pools whenever possible, including developers and agencies from low-income nations.
  • Our software stack is entirely open-source, meaning that any other open-source projects can utilize the code we have built to replicate and improve upon our work. "Borrowing" components of our platform from other open-source practitioners saves time and money for everyone involved and increases the potential scale of impacts.
  • We contribute to open restoration data. This means that the data we collect about tree species, location, and survival is available for anyone to utilize for scientific research or just personal interest. Research has shown that publicly available restoration data helps inform further research and restoration projects, ultimately creating more success in restoring degraded lands.